’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Lima Says She’s Done with the Franchise

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Max Ehrich’s Story About Demi Lovato Breaking Up With Him ‘Through a Tabloid’ Seems……Off

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Demi Lovato’s ex, actor Max Ehrich, says that he found out about their breakup in the press, and……not to be a gigantic cunt, but his story’s kinda weird!

Ehrich, who’s been with Lovato for just over six months and engaged for about a third of that, posted on his Instagram Story that he found out that Demi had called their engagement while reading “a tabloid” on location shooting a movie in Atlanta, People reports.

“Imagine finding out to the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” Max said on Instagram Saturday morning. ‘While [you’re] in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a pastor in a Christian church whose intention of the film is to help people. God bless.”

The part that just seems off about this to me is his invoking the pastor character he’s playing in the upcoming Southern Gospel, as if it were especially egregious of Lovato to break up with him because he plays a good guy in a movie. He knows it’s a movie, right? And that he’s not actually doing anything “to help people” irl just because he plays a guy who does that onscreen? Again, supremely huge cunt alert (the biggest!! fuckin’ yuuuuuge!!!!), but it’s setting off my “Something’s weird about this!!” alarm.

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Screenshot: Instagram

In a new interview posted on YouTube, Jordyn Woods said she’s “happy” all that drama happened with the kardashian-Jenners last year. “I’m not happy that people were hurt,” she clarified, per Hollywood Life. “I’m happy that I was able to become who I am today.”

And who wouldn’t be! If who you are today is someone who’s no longer close with women like Kylie Jenner or Khloé kardashian who’d blame you for making out with one of their boyfriends, Tristan Thompson, and then drop you only for Tristan and Khloe to get back together? They sound like pretty shitty friends!

“It’s easy to beat yourself for things you could’ve done differently,” Woods continued. “But you can’t hold onto what you could’ve or should’ve done. You just have to accept what actually happened and then you can let it go.”

Wise words!

You know how Kyle Richards recently claimed that she spotted a stolen ring of hers on the hand of an old woman in a picture Instagrammed by Diane Keaton of all people, like, over a year ago? Bonkers, I know!

Anyway, a young woman who says that she’s the granddaughter of Madam Ringhands made a TikTok disputing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s claims.

“Hey, Kyle Richards,” she begins her video, posted. “I just want to clear things up. This ring right there? That’s my grandma’s ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over 50 years, has had those rings for

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Kris Jenner Sets the Record Straight on Real Housewives Casting Rumors – Yahoo Entertainment

Is there a new Housewife in town? Not so fast.

kardashian-Jenner matriarch on Keeping Up With the kardashians until

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Tory Lanez breaks silence on Megan Thee Stallion shooting with ‘tone deaf’ diss track, album


Tory Lanez addresses rapper Megan Thee Stallion on a surprise album. Also out, new Machine Gun Kelly and Carrie Underwood’s first Christmas album.


Embattled rapper Tory Lanez is breaking his silence and some are wishing he hadn’t.

One month after rapper Megan Thee Stallion accused him of shooting her in July, the Canadian rapper shared his side of the story on a new album “Daystar.”

Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, returned to Twitter Thursday to tease his public comeback: “To my fans… I’m sorry for my silence… but respectfully… I got time today… 9 PM PST.”

It marked Peterson’s first social media post since the shooting on July 12. 

As promised, Peterson was back on Instagram early Friday morning – to promote his new 17-song album. It was a return to the platform he used to gain viral fame and millions of followers on his wildly popular “Quarantine Radio” show before quickly becoming a pariah over the alleged incident.

“There is a time to stay silent. And a time to speak,” he captioned a photo of the album’s cover art to his 10 million followers. “I said all I could say on this.”

Peterson opened his album with the diss song “Money Over Fallouts,” where he addressed the allegations and claimed that “Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting.”

“Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on an affidavit
Knowing I ain’t do it but I’m coming at my truest
Trying to keep this (expletive) 200 with you, shorty, I can prove it.”

In the track, Peterson repeatedly alludes to a relationship with Megan, whose given name is Megan Pete (“I love you hard. … I’m still down to renegotiate the unity. My heart is some foolery”) and claimed that Pete tried to “ruin” him with her accusations (“Look at how you doing me, people trying to ruin me. And what’s even worse is I’m still thinking about you and me”).

“Gotta see a couple questions: how the (expletive) you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?
How the (expletive) your team is trying to pay me in some whole millions?
I just lost like 10 million dollars because this cold business
But I got like 10 million followers that’s gon’ roll with me”

Peterson was met with almost immediate backlash for attempting to capitalize on the assault of a Black woman with a “diss track” and album. Instead of publicly apologizing, the rapper appeared to play the victim and brag about his social status. 

The timing made the release all the worse. Peterson was slammed as “insensitive” and “tone deaf” for dissing Pete on the heels of a grand jury’s decision Wednesday not to convict three Louisville, Kentucky, police officers for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, another Black woman.

“Tory Lanez really out here making diss tracks and profits for a hideous crime committed,” one user tweeted. 

Another user added, “Tory Lanez… thought it was best to release an album to capitalize off of negative press and justify his version of events for shooting an unarmed black woman. All this in the wake of yesterday’s decision by the grand jury to not charge (Breonna) Taylor

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Tory Lanez Denies Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting Claims on New Album

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Tory Lanez Released A Whole Album About The Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Story

The entire saga of Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion continues to get sadder and weirder. In July, Megan Thee Stallion was shot multiple times outside a party at Kylie Jenner’s house. The same night, LA police arrested Tory Lanez on a concealed weapons charge. Witness reports claimed that Tory had shot Megan in the foot after an argument in a car, and Megan eventually confirmed those reports on Instagram Live, directly claiming that Tory had shot her. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Tory had texted Megan hours afterward, apologizing and claiming that he’d been drunk. And now, in the latest development, Tory has released an entire album about the story.

Last night, Tory released a 17-song SoundCloud album called DAYSTAR. The whole thing seems to be a concept LP about the story, and about Tory’s feeling that the music industry has intentionally a

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Jessa Duggar Accused of “Pulling a Kylie Jenner,” Hiding Pregnancy From Fans

It’s not often that the Duggar siblings are compared to members of the kardashian clan.

Sure, both families star in long-running reality shows, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Jessa and Kylie

So it came as a surprise to see Counting On fans likening Jessa Duggar to Kylie Jenner this week.

No, Jessa hasn’t purchased a $36 million mansion or posed for the cover of Playboy.

But fans think she’s currently pregnant and planning to hide her bump for the entire term, just like Kylie did prior to giving birth to daughter Stormi.

The speculation began with a recent video that was posted to Jessa’s YouTube channel, in which the mother of three helps redecorate a church’s nursery.

If that sounds like the least-edgy content, that’s because it is.

But the clip created a minor uproar among fans, many of whom believe Jessa is pregnant — and quite far along (as seen below).

They believe Jessa accidentally gave the secret away when she caught herself in a mirror while filming the restoration job.

“That clearly looks like a baby bump,” one fan wrote on the always-amusing r/duggarsnark subreddit.

“Maybe she’ll pull a Kylie Jenner and just post pics of a newborn in a few months,” another added.

Now, any time fans begin speculating that a celeb is pregnant based on a single photo, the whole situation starts to feel very icky very quickly.

Jessa pregnancy rumors are nothing new, and usually they’re the result of a billowy shirt or a bad angle.

But this time, one commenter addressed the controversy and pointed out that there are reasons to believe Jessa is expecting that go well beyond her appearance.

“Underneath a Jessa flowy clothes picture, fellow snarkers were discussing how it’s unfair to assume if someone’s pregnant based on clothes alone,” the person wrote, according to The Sun.

“Jessa’s had 3 spawns in 5 years. It’s impressive she looks the way she does,” they continued.

“Normally, I’d brush it off as a botched angle, but given the other evidence (photoshoot with her 3 kids in themed brother bee/sister bee’ shirts), I’d say this supports the claim,” the redditor went on.

“Plus Ivy’s over a year old which works out.”

The bee-themed shirt photo can be seen above.

We’re not sure why it led to speculation that Jessa is pregnant, but just about everything she does these days has that effect.

The funny thing is, Jessa and Ben have been talking about expansing their family in recent months.

But it sounds as though the Seewalds might be plann

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Kylie Jenner Shows Off New Cheek Fillers, Gets Roasted For Chipmunk-Like Appearance

For the past several months, Kylie Jenner’s quarantine content has kept us pleasantly distracted from the horrors of 2020.

After all, who cares about the coronavirus when a billionaire is twerking in a bikini on Instagram?

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and it seems the summer of Kylie is officially a thing of the past.

The makeup mogul’s winning streak petered out this week with the debut of a new look that is not going over well with the people.

The photo below was taken from a recent Instagram Story of Kylie’s, and it’s been making the rounds on Twitter and other platforms.

The kardashian-Jenners come from the “no such thing as bad publicity” school of brand management, but Kylie probably wishes she wasn’t trending alongside words like “chipmunk” today.

“Honestly kylie looks like she’s had cheek implants n looks like some 40 yr old woman,” one person tweeted.

“Whats with the cheek implants? Kim, now Kylie? The new generation of cat lady is here ya’ll,” another added.

“Kylie Jenner so fine but she got a lillllll toooooooo much cheek filler in her newest IG story and it’s really giving jigsaw,” a third chimed in.

That’s a reference to the cheeky villain in the Saw movies.

Probably not the sort of comparisons Kylie thought she would be drawing when she shelled out the earnings of the average middle class household for some new injections.

Now, if you’re a regular here at The Hollywood Gossip, you know we’re generally opposed to appearance-shaming of any kind.

But we might be willing to make an exception in this case for a few reasons:

1. Some of the burns listed above are actually pretty funny.

2. Kylie’s new look is most likely a result of fillers, not implants, which means they’re only temporary, and she’ll be back to her old face in no time.

(And hopefully, she won’t make the same mistake twice.)

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Tory Lanez Denies He Shot Megan Thee Stallion & Questions Her Injuries On Surprise ‘DAYSTAR’ Album

Tory Lanez Denies He Shot Megan Thee Stallion & Questions Her Injuries On Surprise ‘DAYSTAR’ Album | Tory Lanez Speaks | HipHopDX


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’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Lima May Be Deported by Ice After Arrest

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