Drake’s “Side Piece” Lyric About Kylie Jenner Resurfaced Old Dating Rumors

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It’s hard to forget that time Drake and Kylie Jenner were the subject of dating rumors. Back in November 2019, a source told Us Weekly that Jenner and Drake’s friendship took a “romantic turn,” and while it was eventually set to rest in the rumor graveyard (at least, temporarily), the romantic link is cropping up again. Drake’s “side piece” lyric about Kylie Jenner makes it appear as though the unconfirmed romance between the two celebs was real.

For those who didn’t follow the brief saga, Us Weekly first reported that Jenner and Drake were romantically linked via an anonymous source in November, just as Jenner had split from Travis Scott. The source had mentioned that the pair was “clearly” together at a Halloween party. The rumors didn’t last long, though, because it seemed Jenner was working on getting back together with Scott. After that, it slowly fizzled into the drama-sphere — until now, that is.

On Wednesday, May 20, Drake took to Instagram live and played some unreleased songs that he’d collaborated on with rapper Future, and one of the

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