Kylie Jenner Strips Down In the Desert, Confirms She’s Banging Jordyn Woods’ Ex!

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Folks, Kylie Jenner has really been bringing her A-game lately.

For months now, Kylie’s quarantine content has put her head and shoulders above other celebs who have attempted to keep their social media pages fresh, despite being stuck at home due to the pandemic.

Kylie twerked in a bikini for the entertainment of a desperately bored nation.

She made wine mom jokes about drinking herself to sleep in order to boost her relatability factor.

And she generally proved that despite being the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, she knows how to make herself seem at least somewhat relatable to the 184 million people who follow her on Instagram.

That’s no easy feat when you’re posting from your brand-new $36 million mansion.

And it’s not much easier when you’re traveling the country in a private jet and taking flawless bikini pics in exotic locales, which is exactly what Kylie is doing now.

First, she joined the rest of her family in Wyoming, where the Kar-Jenners celebrated North West’s seventh birthday.

Now, Kylie is chilling in Utah, where she’s helping the state shed its prudish reputation by doing what she does best — posing for racy bikini pics.

Sure, some celebs might take flak for flying around the country in a PJ at a time when most Americans have been forced to cancel their summer travel plans.

But Kylie serves as an aspirational figure to many of her young fans, and they enjoy living vicariously through her adventures.

Of course, the one aspect of Kylie’s pics that’s really capturing the attention of fans today is the unexplained presence of music mogul Fai Khadra.

Kylie and Fai are rumored to be dating, which is interesting for a number of reasons — not the least of which is the fact that Fai is an ex-boyfriend of Kylie’s former BFF, Jordyn Woods.

(Kylie kicked Jordyn out of her house after she was caught having an affair with Khloe kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson back in 2019.)

Now, it seems she’s getting mighty cozy with Jordyn’s former beau on her Utah trip.

Earlier this week, Kylie’s suggestive captions