Max Ehrich’s Story About Demi Lovato Breaking Up With Him ‘Through a Tabloid’ Seems……Off

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Demi Lovato’s ex, actor Max Ehrich, says that he found out about their breakup in the press, and……not to be a gigantic cunt, but his story’s kinda weird!

Ehrich, who’s been with Lovato for just over six months and engaged for about a third of that, posted on his Instagram Story that he found out that Demi had called their engagement while reading “a tabloid” on location shooting a movie in Atlanta, People reports.

“Imagine finding out to the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” Max said on Instagram Saturday morning. ‘While [you’re] in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a pastor in a Christian church whose intention of the film is to help people. God bless.”

The part that just seems off about this to me is his invoking the pastor character he’s playing in the upcoming Southern Gospel, as if it were especially egregious of Lovato to break up with him because he plays a good guy in a movie. He knows it’s a movie, right? And that he’s not actually doing anything “to help people” irl just because he plays a guy who does that onscreen? Again, supremely huge cunt alert (the biggest!! fuckin’ yuuuuuge!!!!), but it’s setting off my “Something’s weird about this!!” alarm.

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In a new interview posted on YouTube, Jordyn Woods said she’s “happy” all that drama happened with the kardashian-Jenners last year. “I’m not happy that people were hurt,” she clarified, per Hollywood Life. “I’m happy that I was able to become who I am today.”

And who wouldn’t be! If who you are today is someone who’s no longer close with women like Kylie Jenner or Khloé kardashian who’d blame you for making out with one of their boyfriends, Tristan Thompson, and then drop you only for Tristan and Khloe to get back together? They sound like pretty shitty friends!

“It’s easy to beat yourself for things you could’ve done differently,” Woods continued. “But you can’t hold onto what you could’ve or should’ve done. You just have to accept what actually happened and then you can let it go.”

Wise words!

You know how Kyle Richards recently claimed that she spotted a stolen ring of hers on the hand of an old woman in a picture Instagrammed by Diane Keaton of all people, like, over a year ago? Bonkers, I know!

Anyway, a young woman who says that she’s the granddaughter of Madam Ringhands made a TikTok disputing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s claims.

“Hey, Kyle Richards,” she begins her video, posted. “I just want to clear things up. This ring right there? That’s my grandma’s ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over 50 years, has had those rings for