This Video Of Kylie Jenner & Her Best Friends Revealing Their Secrets Is Hilarious

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Kylie Jenner is the ultimate BFF, there’s no doubt about that. From coordinating picture-perfect girls’ trips to hosting epic parties, Jenner pulls out all the stops for her close-knit friend group. While the extravagant gestures are obviously nice, it’s this hilarious video of Kylie Jenner and her best friends revealing their biggest secrets that proves, at the end of the day, they’re just ordinary pals who enjoy laughing together.

Jenner enlisted her crew, Stassie Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel, and Yris Palmer, to play “Who’s Most Likely To…” which ended up being an extremely entertaining 10-minute video in which they legit spill the beans on everything from who in the group is most likely to send nudes, to who is most likely to get hurt after a night out.

Jenner was clearly missing her

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